Panasonic DMC-FH25 16.1 Megapixel Ultra Compact Reviews Roundup

Panasonic today announces the new 16.1 Megapixels DMC-FH27 (aka FS37) and DMC-FH25 (aka FS35) stylish digital compact cameras with 8x zoom lenses. The FH27 feature a high quality 28mm wide-angle LEICA DC lens with 8x optical zoom (equivalent to 28mm to 224mm on a 35mm camera) and Smart Touch Screen with 3.0-inch large Intelligent LCD to offer intuitive touch control including Touch AF, Touch Zoom and Touch Shutter. The FH25 is equipped with the same lens but with a 2.7-inch Intelligent LCD without touch control.

The cameras support the iA(Intelligent Auto) mode which added the AF Tracking and Intelligent Exposure to the conventional MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) for preventing hand-shake, Intelligent ISO Control for stopping subject's movement, Face Detection and Intelligent Scene Selector. In terms of video, the cameras comes with HD movie capture at 1280 x 720p 24 fps in addition to the normal VGA 640 x 480 in Motion JPEG format. Encased in a brushed metal-finished panel, the FH27 will be available in black, red and silver while the FH25 will be available in silver, black, red, blue and violet models. Pricing and availability for both models will be announced 30 days prior to shipping date.

Panasonic DMC-FH25 Camera Reviews Roundup

digitalcameraHQ - Aug 11 2011
"The Panasonic FH25 follows in its older sibling's footsteps and even outperforms it in a few ways. It is one of the best point-and-shoot deals on the market, and should please casual shooters who want great-looking pictures, more zoom than the average camera, and in a convenient size that will travel anywhere. The FH25 has a twin sister in the FH27, wh..." More »
80out of 100
CNET US - Jul 29 2011
"The FH25's photo quality is good to very good, but people expecting to be wowed by its 16-megapixel resolution may be disappointed. Though subjects look somewhat soft from the get-go, there isn't much difference from ISO 100 to ISO 400. That means shots taken in good lighting are quite nice and thanks to Panasonic's "Intelligent" technology, you c..." More »
70out of 100
DigitalReview - Jun 20 2011
"The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 is a compact camera that lends itself to family and travel photography. The camera is simple to operate and provides a feature set that is in-line with expectations for this type of camera. Based on our tests with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25, the 8x optical zoom coupled with Panasonic's optical image stabilizer technology..." More »
Not Rated

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User Review of the camera - Panasonic DMC-FH25

  • 2014-04-12 07:00
    Excelente Cámara, Very GOOD.!!, Alis Linares "ALi"
    This camera model acquired in early 2013 in the Electronic Direct store, which was sent to me in perfect condition, so I am very grateful. As for its operation, I must say that it has successfully fulfilled my expectations, with good resolution, sharp detail and good management of the colors. If there's any downside, it would be that some difficulty for low-light shooting without flash (dusk or in classroom). Rest consider fulfills its mission well and sometimes even superior compared to other cameras in the same price range. Highly Recommended.
    Este modelo de cámara la adquirí a principio del 2013 a la tienda Electronic Direct, la cual me la envió en perfecto estado, por lo que le estoy muy agradecido. En cuanto a su operatividad, debo decir que ha cumplido satisfactoriamente mis expectativas, con buena resolución, definición de detalles y buen manejo de los colores. Si hay algo de desventaja, seria esa cierta dificultad para las tomas con poca luz y sin flash (atardecer o dentro de salón). De resto considero cumple muy bien su misión e incluso superior en ocasiones en comparación con otras cámaras dentro del mismo rango de precios. Muy Recomendable.
  • 2014-04-08 07:00
    great camera, Lyz
    super good quality camera, takes nice pictures and fits everywhere, i would recomend to anyone looking for a cheap nice camera that taked good quality pictures.
  • 2014-04-02 07:00
    Great camera, debbiec98
    Second camera just like this I bought. My first one quit working. I paid more for the red one last time but the black is almost $100.00 cheaper. Just nice to have when you don't want to use your smart phone. Now I have two extra cords and extra battery so this camera is perfect for me. It does take great pictures and small enough to put in my purse.
  • 2014-04-01 07:00
    Great, Swanny
    Would give it 5 stars if it had a drop down viewer. But the compact design and the easy use is great!
  • 2014-04-01 07:00
    I did love this...but..., Greg K.
    I believe I got a good price for this. The camera was everything that I wanted in it. Great pictures, good video, decent features, battery life was acceptable...But...When I wasn't using it, I stored it in a dresser drawer, I figured it would be safe from dust and whatnot, but I was wrong. After only about a month or two of not being used, somehow dust had gotten into the lens. After contacting various cleaners and the company itself, the only option was to send it in to the company to get cleaned. The fees would have cost MORE THAN THE CAMERA. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of it. It was great while I was using it, but I'm not going to take pictures with loads of specs showing up in each picture.
    If you get this, you need to invest in some type of protective storage case.
  • 2014-03-30 07:00
    Good little travel camera, Desert Mom "AMH"
    I bought this primarily because I was trying to find a point and shoot with a really small delay time between shots. It is quicker than other point and shoot cameras I've had, but there is sometimes still difficulty with focusing that makes me miss the shot I want. It also tends to overexpose with indoor shots, but it's definitely better than a camera phone. It has been useful on vacations.
  • 2014-02-28 08:00
    no photo card, Sue B Schier
    everything was great but did not have photo card with packaging so daughter could only take a few snaps on 1st usage on a ski trip.
  • 2014-02-26 08:00
    great camera, Dale R
    panasonic dmc-fh25k camera is very easy to use, i bought it for my mother and she loves it, she has dementia and is 86 but still takes great oictures with this camera
  • 2014-02-20 08:00
    very good pictures, MBB
    the camera is lightweight and takes very good pictures but you need take care by handling it, because it is all plastic!
  • 2014-02-12 08:00
    Awesome, brenda
    Love the camera! It's a much faster snap than my last one. Easy to carry. I haven't had any issues.
  • 2014-02-11 08:00
    Blurry pictures most of the time -- except outstide, DotIowa
    I've had this camera for a couple of years. I thought 16 mp would mean sharp, crisp photos. Well, it doesn't. The colors are dull and the photos are not sharp -- except when I'm outside in sunlight. I've never been so disappointed in a digital camera. The only reason I didn't give this 1 star is because I like the compact size.
  • 2014-02-07 08:00
    Panasonic DMC-FH25K rating comment, Tommy H.
    I love the camera and everything about it with the ease of use but I do not like Panasonic Consumer Technical Support at 1-800-211-7262, they refused to help me on line because the model is over 24 months old with 2011 model year, this is unacceptable to me and due to this I would not buy this brand again, how is a customer to know the model year and stipulations of support when purchasing, I needed immediate help and chose to not follow through with their requests for additional help by sending in proof of purchase, I therefore when to web site and got an immediate answer through "how to" site.
  • 2014-01-27 08:00
    Best Point and shoot I have ever owned., Mr.Incognito
    This camera is purely the best camera I have ever owned. I am not a pro photog but this camera fits the bill for everything you could ever want. It has unbelievable zoom, great video, many scenes and takes excellent low light pictures. I highly recommend this camera to anyone who wants a great camera for a good price.
  • 2014-01-17 08:00
    It is okay, Mrs. A
    This camera is just okay. Pictures taken without the flash on when inside come out terrible/blurry... but the flash is so bright when you use it isn't always very flattering. It works for the price, though. If I could do it again I would've spent a little more for a nicer camera, though.
  • 2013-12-29 08:00
    Panasonic DMC FH25K, John Sutton
    I bought this camera because it was a newer model of my camera which just there's no learning curve. Same batteries so now I have extra. Same film card too.
  • 2013-12-26 08:00
    Great, E. Fegley "eliza"
    I bought this for my daughter. Even though it was cheaper than the camera I bought for myself, it is so much easier to use and the pictures it takes are crisp and clear.
  • 2013-12-23 08:00
    poor indoor pictures, S. Woker
    I bought this camera a couple of years ago. The outdoor pictures are fantastic. Indoor are always overexposed - the flash is just too bright. I've tried playing around with the settings but nothing seems to work. I'm frustrated that I didn't return it immediately and now need to get a camera that will take decent indoor pictures.
  • 2013-12-22 08:00
    Great pictures in a small package., LongPlay
    My wife loves it! A small camera that takes great pictures and fits in her purse of fanny pack. She has taken it to Europe and the Caribbean and had had no problems.
  • 2013-12-19 08:00
    Great Camera, G. Holt
    I bought this for my wife and she is very happy with this camera. Quality construction. Ease of use. Great quality pictures.
  • 2013-12-17 08:00
    Best I've ever used/owned, keith balding
    This camera is about the best camera I have used. I am NOT a professional cameraman but I know a good shot. This camera has been the go-to camera I've grabbed on my trips aboard. The size is perfect, not too heavy and it bogs me down and not too light that I forget it's in my hand. The image quality is top notch considering the price range. Would highly recommend.