Canon G12 10.0 Megapixel Advanced Compact Reviews Roundup

On September 15 2010, Canon announced the PowerShot G12 and the PowerShot SX30 IS. These cameras offer enthusiast-focused features like RAW shooting and manual exposure modes.

The G12 features a 10 Megapixels sensor and will be equipped with a 2.8-inch 460k-dot LCD, Digic IV image processor, and a 5x optical zoom, covering a range equivalent to 28-140mm. The G12 will now finally have 720p HD video capture capabilities along with the HS (High Sensitivity) SYSTEM for shooting photos under low-light conditions. The G12 also comes with a HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode which will layer three images together that have been captured using a tripod.

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Canon Powershot G12 Camera Reviews Roundup

Digital Camera Info - Sep 13 2011
"Color accuracy is always a bit of a sticking point among photographers. Most would rather capture colors that are as true to life as possible, a viewpoint that most high-end cameras aspire to. The G series from Canon seems to ignore this logic, however, as both the G12 and its predecessor could only manage a color error of around 3.8, when we typically look..." More »
Not Rated
PhotographicCentral - Apr 03 2011
"The G12 may lack the resolution power of most current DSLRS and even some compacts (hello G10), but what it loses in 'some' resolution and detail for very large prints, it makes up for in dynamic range, tonality, pleasing color, and full-of-life images, especially in raw files. The lens is suited for a wide range of composition opportunities and is very sha..." More »
Not Rated
CNET US - Feb 12 2011
"It retains an almost identical design to the G11, including the usable optical viewfinder and large, easy-to-turn dials. A relatively functional design, I like it save a few caveats. In addition to giving the camera a retro feel, the dials on the G12 are, for the most part, practical and much faster to use than even direct-access buttons, which always requi..." More »
70out of 100
MacWorld - Feb 04 2011
"You also get a full boat of manual controls: aperture priority, shutter priority, and independent control of each of them in Manual mode. The G12 offers a focus bracketing mode that snaps three shots in rapid succession at different focal lengths. You also get a high-dynamic-range (HDR) scene mode that brings out detail in shadowy scenes and creates ot..." More »
90out of 100
Trusted Reviews - Feb 04 2011
"Although the G12 might be pitched as a reliable back up for an enthusiast's DSLR, operational speed falls short of a lightning fast DSLR proper, and so there are frustrations in swapping from one to the other. Chiefly we felt auto focus could have been a bit quicker to lock on. Squeeze the nipple-like shutter release button halfway and following the briefes..." More »
80out of 100
dpreview - Jan 20 2011
"Although barely a year separates the release of the two models, the Canon Powershot G12 was launched into a considerably more competitive market than its predecessor the G11. Despite this, Canon hasn't felt the need to make a huge number of changes in the new model. The shape of the body is more or less identical but, most significantly, the G12 shares the..." More »
73out of 100
ePhotoZine - Dec 08 2010
"Throughout the tests, the G12 has been a solid performer in all-metering modes. The examples above show some extreme conditions, shooting directly into the sun, and the exposures are in general on the money. When used in flatter light, it still comes good as can be seen in the following sunset shot - shot using Av. Shutter lag is often an issue with po..." More »
90out of 100
pdn - Dec 07 2010
"The G12 is also rock solid; it feels like a small black brick and, as with previous models, has an abundance of external control that lets you change settings on the fly. In particular, I like that Canon has added more precise 1/3-stop adjustments on the ISO dial on top of the camera. (While you might not always need ISO 250, you'll be glad it's there.) Ano..." More »
Not Rated
Camera Labs - Nov 23 2010
"Canon's PowerShot G12 may only represent a modest update over its predecessor, but by addressing some of the criticisms of that model while adding a few small but neat new features, it's become a preferable camera overall. So the first headline is Canon's flagship compact has just got even better. Unfortunately for the G12 though, the market for enthus..." More »
87out of 100
Imaging Resource - Nov 20 2010
"It seemed to me I couldn't take a bad shot with the Canon G12. I particularly liked how well it held shadow and highlight detail with a smooth distribution of midtones, not to mention natural color. Even reds held up well, to my surprise. And the range of the lens from macro to wide-angle at 28mm was encouraging. I was a bit worried about exceeding opt..." More »
Not Rated
Pocket-lint - Nov 17 2010
"Another nice feature that builds further on the creative side of things is the addition of a built-in neutral density (ND) filter. ND filters help to balance high contrast scenes providing a better balance between highlights and shadows or where you need to use slow shutter speed that would otherwise overexpose your shot. Added to that is an accessory filte..." More »
90out of 100
PhotoReview Australia - Nov 15 2010
"Shots taken with the review camera set to the Auto and P modes and with the Auto ISO setting produced image files that were similar to those from the G11. Colours were attractively rendered and the dynamic range in shots was, if anything, marginally wider than we found with the previous camera. Digital zoom shots were also less artefact-affected, although p..." More »
88out of 100
LetsGoDigital - Nov 10 2010
"A camera such as the Canon PowerShot G12 is always received with high expectations by photographers and enthusiastic amateurs. The rumors about the arrival of the G12 right before the Photokina were doing their rounds across the internet, but the fact that a new Canon PowerShot G-camera was to be introduced was not such big news. People were expecting new,..." More »
84out of 100
Steve's Digicam - Nov 09 2010
"While shooting some indoor close-up portraits, I found the G12 produced pleasing results in various exposure modes. The flash was nice an bright, having no problem lighting our young model from several feet away using the mid to telephoto end of the zoom for framing, along with a lower ISO setting (80 to be exact). Canon claims it can cover up to 23 feet at..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Review - Nov 02 2010
"With 1080p HD video already established in a number of Canon DSLRs and at least one member of the PowerShot family (SD4500 IS), it was a bit surprising to find "only" 720p video in the G12. Well, at least we know what to expect from the G13 in this department. But as 720 HD videos go, the G12 image quality is pretty good. Zoom is available, althou..." More »
90out of 100
PhotoRadar - Oct 30 2010
"The latest in its G-series range of high-flying compact cameras, Canon's PowerShot G12 replaces the flagship PowerShot G11 just a little over a year after the latter was released. The G11 received rave reviews on its launch, and the Canon G12 offers some interesting new features over its predecessor. In our in-depth Canon G12 review we test the articulated..." More »
80out of 100
Photography BLOG - Oct 27 2010
"The Canon Powershot G12 offers just enough new bells and whistles to make it a worthwhile upgrade from the previous model and keep it competitive with its main rivals, most notably the very similar Nikon Coolpix P7000. The high price-tag does put it directly in the firing line of several entry level DSLRs and and the new wave of Compact System Cameras, whic..." More »
90out of 100
Digital Camera Review - Oct 19 2010
"When Canon brought out the G10 a couple years back with 14.7 megapixels on a 1/1.7" sensor, ISO noise performance came in for a steady diet of criticism. The G11 kept the sensor size but backed off resolution to 10.1 megapixels and the gripes about ISO performance disappeared. The G12 has made its debut and you'll be happy to know Canon didn't mess wit..." More »
Not Rated
Digital Camera Resource Page - Oct 18 2010
"The PowerShot G12 is one of very few cameras that feels like a go-anywhere digital SLR. Sure, it's not as fast as the real thing, nor is the image quality as good (at higher sensitivities). But it does offer solid build quality, very good photo quality, generally snappy performance, an optical viewfinder (a rarity these days), manual controls, tons of custo..." More »
Not Rated
infoSync - Sep 28 2010
"The Canon PowerShot G12 never exhibited any surefire evidence leading to a basic, no-frills imaging performance. Therefore, fringing, ghosting, stepping, and dramatic contrasts were never an issue. We found that in bright light, the Canon PowerShot G12 produced images that rivaled entry-level DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds cameras. In low light, the camera exh..." More »
82out of 100
CNET UK - Sep 15 2010
"This time around, the G12 benefits from Canon's HS tech, which should help deliver better image quality in low-light conditions. This is achieved thanks to a 10-megapixel sensor and a Digic 4 processor. We're taking those claims with a pinch of salt until we give the G12 the full review treatment, but in our brief hands-on we were able to take a few snaps i..." More »
Not Rated
Pocket-lint - Sep 14 2010
"We weren't able to take away or examine any of the shots we took whilst we had the camera in our hands, but we've seen a sample of the new HDR shooting mode in action. This is a feature we've seen on cameras in the past, but this is the first time we've seen it on a Canon PowerShot. It takes three shots the scene and combines them with the aim of giving you..." More »
Not Rated

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User Review of the camera - Canon Powershot G12

  • 2014-09-24 07:00
    Great little prosumer model to cut your teeth on, Lawrence A. Neals, Jr.
    Verified Purchase(
    Great camera. I use it all the time not just for pictures but also for HD video! I love the manual controls and their ease of use and location and also the upgrade capabilities of the camera. Totally worth the cost!
  • 2014-09-11 07:00
    Five Stars, Stephen W. Graeber
    Item arrive and performed as expected from the description.
  • 2014-08-31 07:00
    Verified Purchase(
    Thank you very much.
  • 2014-08-31 07:00
    Verified Purchase(
    Thank you very much.
  • 2014-08-31 07:00
    You wont be sorry, jamesy
    Verified Purchase(
    When you learn the many tricks and features, this camera is very capable of some breathtaking shots. Still it will fit in your pants pocket.
  • 2014-08-27 07:00
    Five Stars, Zsuzsa
    Verified Purchase(
    item as expected, quick delivery
  • 2014-08-25 07:00
    Five Stars, Ludmila Gomez
    Verified Purchase(
    very hapy
  • 2014-08-02 07:00
    Really great camera for neophytes & pros alike, Cary Alburn
    Verified Purchase(
    I love this camera. If I want to, I can adjust it, but mostly I let it do its thing automatically. Great pictures, and the battery lasts a long time, too.
  • 2014-07-30 07:00
    Five Stars, Gabo Sandoval
    Verified Purchase(
    Excellent conditions!! a very nice camera
  • 2014-07-27 07:00
    Nice, solid camera, Jeff Ripple
    Verified Purchase(
    Pretty flexible, solid camera with nice weight in the hand. Fits nicely in a cargo pant pocket or on my belt. Love the big, tilting viewing screen. Seems to be sharp with good color and I like being able to quickly choose among several ratio formats. I shoot mainly on manual, so I think the camera is a little sluggish when moving between settings and the * button on the back of the camera is badly placed. I constantly press this button by accident when making an adjustment and it changes my exposure settings to an unwanted default.
  • 2014-07-24 07:00
    bulky and overpriced., T. F
    Waaay overpriced. Image quality is okay for a point and shoot but this thing is maaasssive. And oberpriced. Get a lumix for much less and it's just as good. Prolly better due to the 1.4 lens they have now. Also, optical viewfinder? Really? Who cares? I'd take smaller if it means you'll get rid of the dumb viewfinder.
  • 2014-07-17 07:00
    Perfect blend of SLR meets point-n-shoot, Melissa Lowe
    Verified Purchase(
    This camera is the perfect blend of SLR meets point-n-shoot! It's so simple, yet versatile that it meets the needs and experience of a variety of photographers. The quality is excellent, ease of use, and fits in the hand perfectly. Nice big LCD screen for viewing and more solidly built than an 'ole point-n-shoot camera.
    I've had this camera for a while now and am still satisfied and use it regularly. In fact, I gave up the big bulky SLR for the G12 as it's more compact and does just a good a job!
  • 2014-07-15 07:00
    Five Stars, Ahmed Bokhamseen
    Verified Purchase(
    One of the best camera I ever tried. Excellent pictures high quality and great color.
  • 2014-07-09 07:00
    A nice, nearly silent point-and-shoot camera, Brian P. Lawler
    Verified Purchase(
    A nice, nearly silent point-and-shoot camera. I am a pro photographer, and I use this for the occasional situation where I must be silent. It's a nice package with great features (including Camera Raw). It works with radio triggers, so I will clamp it to a music stand, or to an electrical conduit, and shoot from a distance, making no noise to record nice images.
  • 2014-07-07 07:00
    We love this powerful and compact camera it does everything we ..., jterry
    Verified Purchase(
    We love this powerful and compact camera it does everything we hoped and more. It was also a great deal.
  • 2014-07-01 07:00
    My best camera yet., Anna
    Verified Purchase(
    Best camera I've ever had. For professional review you should read professional magazines. I can only say that I've had Cannon SLR for a year before buying this camera and found out that quality of pictures are almost the same. Compact Sony that I had before can't compare with this camera. It is bulky and heavy, but is much better than SLR with it big lens. I take it everywhere, from work to vacations, and it is still alive.
    One thing that concerns me is spots on a lens. I was afraid to clean it, but then decided to take a risk and used computer monitor cleaner. Spots are gone, it wasn't lens damage.
    It is very user friendly, easy to manipulate.
  • 2014-06-01 07:00
    Canon G12 Digital Camera, Joe Hdez
    Verified Purchase(
    Item received as ordered and within time promised. I've had this camera for over two years now, good camera with many neat functions. As others have mentioned,higher speeds do bring more graininess to image and sensor has a problem recognizing purple and violet colors. I photograph flowers and there is no way to adjust this discrepancy other than using a photo software to make color corrections.
  • 2014-04-27 07:00
    Poor through the lens viewing., Abbey
    Verified Purchase(
    This camera was highly recommended to me. It's a great little camera, but I decided that I wanted a camera I could change lenses on and one that had excellent through the lens viewing. I got a Canon Rebel EOS T5i that I adore. I kept this one and use it when I have simple needs.
  • 2014-04-20 07:00
    Great for travel, A. E. Iou "Vowel Man"
    Verified Purchase(
    As is the case with 99.9% of anything digital, this camera has dozens of capabilities I'll never use, or even ever learn how to. But it's nice to know they're there in case someone smarter than this moron wants to borrow it. For me, I bought this to replace a 40 year old Canon F-1, which I hold on to hoping that someone, please, will being back Kodachrome. But I digress. I take it everywhere and love it, and the image quality is spectacular. If you are a pre-digital age dinosaur/moron like me, you'll love it too.
  • 2014-04-17 07:00
    This makes a mediocre photographer look really good, peter painter
    Verified Purchase(
    I love this camera. I bought it used. (2014) I am a visual person, but just not that great of a photographer. Mess things up routinely.
    Yet.. I was playing around on day one, tried a few settings out while photographing a coffee mug. It looked like a professional product shot, I kid you not! I recommend this camera with enthusiasm!